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ES2001 Quiz 2 The ductility of a white bread whose stress- strain curve is enclosed is about: a) 1200 N/m 2 b) 1200 MPa c) 1050 MPa d) 0.0015 e) 15% f) 10% A brittle material is one with a low value of: a) yield strength b) tensile strength c) flexural strength d) elastic modulus e) toughness Circle the right equation for Poisson’s ratio: 0 l l = ν z x ε - = 0 d d = At 135 ° C, a sample of polystyrene will be: a) a brittle solid b) a rubbery solid c) a melt d) a thermoset e) a non-vinyl polymer The yield strength of a material is the: a) maximum stress that a material can withstand b) stress at fracture of the material c) maximum stress that a material can withstand before plastic deformation d) stress at maximum ductility e) stress at the onset of elastic deformation The ductility of polystyrene is: a) less than that of PE b) less than its yield strength c) increases with the # of ionic bonds d) greater than that of PP e) decreases with increasing crystallinity Based on the enclosed stress-strain curve, the
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