Ge in 1981 was a very complex organization as there

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Unformatted text preview: o-getter. GE in 1981 was a very complex organization as there were nine layers between the CEO and the shop floor. Welch believed the numerous layers provided middle-level employees with a lot of comfort. Even though GE was very strong financially, its growth was stagnated. Welch took the task of ³taking GE to the next level´. He created a new vision and focused the organization on specific values and developed new processes for management. But before all that he changed the organization chart. The same year he was made CEO, Welch introduced two new divisions Technical systems and services and materials. Technical systems comprised of electronic intensive operations in aerospace, industry, medical systems and telecommunications. Services and materials focused on high growth businesses like the GE credit corporation, engineering materials, plastics, batteries and electromaterials. He grouped the company¶s extremely diverse portfolio into three circles: core manufacturing, technology driven businesses...
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