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If someone was to walk into kesc right now and be

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Unformatted text preview: ed growth and creativity. If someone was to walk into KESC right now and be able to lay-off all inefficient workers and make the company an international utility leader in the next ten years, for us that person would be a hero. Similiarly, Jack Welch was the hero for the majority of GE employees as he valued creativity and innovation very highly. Workers were not laid off in seconds; it was a long and deliberate process despite the initial large numbers. All workers were compared to their peers and those with very low levels of effectiveness were asked to take soft-landings for the greater good of the companies. These soft-landings included getting the employee a new job elsewhere and high financial compensation. Welch was also able to provide his employees with a structured path that the employees had created themselves, i.e. the mission. Welch s mission statement was not actually Welch s mission statement at all. In fact, it was formulated by almost all employees of the company over a period time. The instilled values in the vision were Welch s but allowing his followers to create their own mission ensured de...
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