In fact one of welch s primary objectives at the

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Unformatted text preview: achieved in a dictatorship. In fact, one of Welch s primary objectives at the outset was to provide the lower levels with decision making authority and change GE into a decentralized organization instead of a multilayered behemoth. Factor 2: Inspirational motivation Inspirational motivation can be simply considered as inspiration. Transformational leaders communicate high expectations to followers inspiring them through motivation to become committed and part of the shared vision. Become No.1 or No.2! This is was his primary requirement from all business units. If a unit was not up to the standard in its respective industry it faced initial fixing attempts but if that proved unsuccessful it was either sold or shut down. This was a lofty goal that majority of the workforce was able to manage only because of the shared values Welch managed to instill in his followers. Scrapping the functional department system and reorganization of the firm into cross-functional teams is also an example. Factor 3: Intellectual Stimulation Intellectual stimulation prompts followers to become mor...
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