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In his defense welch claimed the actions were better

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Unformatted text preview: the people disappeared. In his defense, Welch claimed the actions were better for GE as a whole. Despite his eventual successes, the strain on employees at times took its toll, as they were not used to such a harsh working environment. In Welch¶s first two years he had sold 71 businesses and acquired 188. By 1984, GE from being a toaster and light-bulb company became a major player in many high growth areas. Citing earlier growth rates that moved in parallel to US GNP, Welch said, ³GE is no longer a highly cyclical GNP-type company. It is now a diversified technology driven organization. In the 1990 s Welch and his vice chairman defined the new vision for the decade. Both wished GE to become a boundryless organization which considered suppliers its partners and customer needs as the focus of all employees. Internally, functional departments were broken down into cross-functional teams and Welch would also go on to claim that boundryless would not have been possible without trimming the workforce. Welch found changing the culture at GE more difficult than chang...
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