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It also asks them to challenge their existing beliefs

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Unformatted text preview: e innovative and creative. It also asks them to challenge their existing beliefs and the status quo and try new approaches. It enables followers to think on their own and come up with solutions for problems themselves. Jack Welch thrived on innovation and change. He was able to convince all his followers that the future was in developing competitive advantages and leveraging GE s positions in the overall market. He also introduced numerous management processes that were later emulated at many other big firms as well. He also used delegation as a tool for efficiency, a rare concept in the early 80 s. Factor 4: Individualized consideration At first look, Neutron Jack appears to be a dictator firing people left, right and center. However, this is not so, despite the numerous layoffs there are many things to consider: y y y y y y GE was a very large firm Its culture was very bureaucratic There were many comfortable employees in middle-management Over-hiring was prominent The large workforce made the organization ineffective and inefficient Complacency in middle management stifl...
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