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Reginald jones was welchs predecessor and had built a

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Unformatted text preview: ystems. Reginald Jones was Welch¶s predecessor and had built a reputation by providing GE with stability, sound management and predictable earnings increases. However, he was looking for someone who had the knack for bringing change in the organization and someone who could take the company to the next level. Welch at that time was considered a renegade and a maverick by many. He was close to the opposite of what Jones stood for. His selection came as a surprise to many as he was not even present on the original list of successors. However, in 1977, Welch was put in charge of consumer products and services after GE was reorganized into six divisions. Each potential CEO candidate was given responsibility of each division. In 1979, the list was narrowed down to three people including Welch who became vice presidents. Finally, in December 1980, Welch was unanimously voted as CEO-elect by the board of Directors. The selection made the staff generally uneasy as they believed Welch to be an aggressive g...
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