Second transformational leaders are social architects

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Unformatted text preview: they acted accordingly. Second, transformational leaders are social architects of their people. Jack Welch took GE by its horns and turned the culture upside down for the better. He changed the 9-layer hierarchy into a much more flat and simpler structure that required less investment in payroll. Thirdly, transformational leaders create trust by communicating their own positions clearly and then stand by them. Jack Welch laid out his plans from the start and always stood by his policies despite harsh criticism from many senior level employees of his firm. Fourth, transformational leaders use creative development of self through positive self-regard. Transformational leaders know their strengths and act on them without delving on their weaknesses. If an idea made sense, Jack Welch never turned it down and if it was promising asked the initiator to come back with more details. This probably has a relation to an incident where Welch, still in GE plastics, blew the roof off a research facility in an experi...
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