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Welch was mostly found touring various sites and

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Unformatted text preview: dication and ownership. Welch was mostly found touring various sites and meeting with lower level workers and they were not the ones who took the major brunt either. Among the first to go were middle-level managers who used to pass the work-puck around them and often leave things incomplete. Welch was also a strong believer in employee development and emphasized more on hiring right in the first place rather than asking people to improve themselves again and again. He also enjoyed training new managers and teaching them a few tricks of the trade . Bennis and Nanus s four common strategies and Jack Welch: In 1980, Bennis and Nanus conducted research regarding transformational leadership. They were able to narrow down four basic strategies that transformational leaders utilize. Firstly, Transformational leaders have a clear vision of where they want themselves and their followers to be in the future. The compelling vision of Jack Welch was able to provide a clear picture to his followers and...
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