S customary units m ms metric unr ms designate

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Unformatted text preview: s Terminology, classifica?on, designa?on •  •  •  •  •  n… threads per inch (mm) p=1/n … pitch, distance between adjacent threads l … lead, rela?ve distance traveled in 1 revolu?on l=no. threads X pitch UN, UNR … unified class (U.S. customary units) M, MS … metric •  •  •  (UNR & MS designate rounded root contour to reduce stress concentra?on) C… coarse pitch threads (most common for general applica?ons, less likely to cross thread, quick assembly F… fine pitch, (used for precision applica?ons: pitch: 1 ­28mm) •  EF… extra fine Other designa?ons: US A.. external threads B… internal threads 1,2,3…loose to ?ght Metric e,f,g,h…external threads, loose to ?ght G,H…internal threads, loose to ?ght 3 ­9 tolerance grade Designa?ons: nominal size, pitch, series, class, and hand Example: ½ ­16 UNF [db.. bolt diamete...
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