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Unformatted text preview: joint as springs in series. Tricky to obtain accurate s?ffness because stress is non ­uniform in the members and spreads towards interior. •  Following equa?ons approximate the load carrying region as a hollow cylinder. A more accurate analysis treats the region as a series of frustums. ȹ 1 ȹ 1 km = ȹ + + ...ȹ ȹ k m1 k m 2 Ⱥ −1 For each material in the joint € € 2 2 π ( dm − dub ) E mi kmi = 4 Lmi i: ith material in the joint dub~db… hole diameter fits through 1.5db<=dm<=2.5db… outer diameter of cylinder of material holding load Take dm=2db for ini?al es?mate if no other info available If there is a gasket in the joint, the bolt preload and the compressive force on the member needs to be sufficient to seal the gasket. Fm ≥ Ag pg Gasket area/bolt € Minimum gasket seal factor Safety factors for...
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