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On somemes given in bolt catalog typical value for k02

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Unformatted text preview: stress) € € σt = 4 Fb πdr 2 Stresses not in threaded region (on body) Try to keep high stresses in unthreaded part (not on threads) @ D Shear stress τ= 4 Fs πdb 2 Normal stress σ = 4 Fb πdb 2 € € To compute Fb need to consider bolt preload and separa?ng forces. Bolt preload In bolted connec?ons, we want bolt sufficiently ?ght so that separa?on of bolted members does not occur, but not so ?ght to cause permanent deforma?on. Typical preload Fi = 0.85 S p At Proof strength (0.01% offset) < Sy (0.2% offset) Tensile area (Tables 13.1, 13.2) At = π ( db − 0.938194 p) 2 4 € € Torque preload (normally prescribed because we can measure) T = kFi db depends on fric?on; some?mes given in bolt catalog, typical value for k=0.2, 0.15<k<0.3 Force on bolt To determine the total stress and load on a bolted connec?on, it is necessary to consider also the forces tendin...
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