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CHAPTER 5 – Consumer Behavior Example at the beginning of the chapter: The fashion industry and plus size consumers Steps in the consumer buying process: 1. Need recognition (based on functional and psychological needs) 2. Search for information (internal and external) Factors affecting consumers’ search processes: a.i. Perceived benefits vs. perceived costs of search a.ii. Locus of control (internal vs. external) a.iii. Actual or perceived risk (performance, financial, social, physiological/safety, psychological) Social vs. Psychological : Social-fears a consumer has when they worry others don’t like what they purchased. Psychological-risks associated with how people will feel if the product doesn’t convey the “right” image 3. Evaluation of Alternatives Attribute sets a.i. Universal sets (all possible choices for a product category) a.ii. Retrieval sets (brands or stores that can be brought from memory) a.iii. Evoked set (brands or stores the consumer would actually consider when
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