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9.13.11 Luther - Secular Authority
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9/13/11 – Luther and Calvin on Secular Authority Luther sees the world divided in 2 – Christian and secular Christian – holy, divine, just Secular – lawful, sinful, reason, corruption Luther sees secular world as lost in sin, as well as its leaders Luther offers advice to a secular prince, because he had an interest in protecting his preaching and his life from being excommunicated or killed by authorities. What is Luther trying to do in the text? Not persuasive rather unflattering, grim defiance, note towards the princes - calls them all pagans and denounces them as he seeks to persuade them. Doesn’t offer advice he’s telling them what to do. He feels he has the right to tell princes what to do based on his reading of the scripture and his interpretation. Defies both power of church and power of nobility. Scornful of worldly power. 1. He believes corruption comes from following power rather than holiness 2. Corrupt church has corrupted the law Church is earthly power with earthly weapons in Luther’s time. He wanted to cleanse the
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