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9.15.11 Calvin - Secular Authority
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9.15.11 Calvin on Secular Authority Luther calls out princes, calvin calls out the people Holy triumvirate – life, liberty, fraternity. Calls the justice of this world merely civil and external justice in oppose to the justice of the kingdom to come after life. Calvin writes that peasants rebelling against the authority established by god. God has ordained freedom in the next world but not in this one. The established hierarchy must remain. All the peasants wanted abolishing of degrees of nobility, they wanted freedom, liberty, equality, and expected backing of protestant reformation. Calvin thinks revolutionaries are jews… Christians accept that freedom and equality is in the next life and that this world is unjust. Calvins point that the division of the world between secular and sacred is Christian – separation of politics and religion Birth of secular politics begins in the time of the protestant reformation Calvin believes it’s the states duty to enforce religion doctrine. He believes secular
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