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9.20.11 12 Articles of Peasants
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9.20.11 Thomas Muntzer Sermon to the Princes Thomas Muntzer – “who made you prince over us?” Acknowledged leader of peasant rebellion, peasant theologian Gives rise to the idea of consent of the governed This is where the democratic impulse arouses in western philosophy Tortured and beheaded Shows movement towards constitution, written ancient law, consent, democracy What the peasants wanted – 12 articles as for a set of things Establish the Christian justice 1 community should have right to elect and appoint their own pastor there must be a limit on what/how they are taxed 2 peasants of the community want to decide who collects tax and salary is paid to pastor with public money and the rest to the poor WITH THE COMMUNITY’S CONSENT princes now almost seem superfluous, largely ornamental, not needed anymore people should be able to read the bible and be free to make arguments about it 3 lords can no longer own peasants as their property Freedom and equality for everyone Peasants should willingly obey their elected and rightful ruler 4 and 5 take private property and make it public, lords should not be able to withhold
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