9.22.11 Thomas Muntzer - Sermon to the Princes - 9.22.11...

9.22.11 Thomas Muntzer - Sermon to the Princes
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9.22.11 Thomas Muntzer Muntzer’s Confession : In prison and under torture, Muntzer confesses to what the lords wanted him to say and admit and what they blame him for. Comparable to the 12 articles. First, all property should be held in common and be distributed according to their need Property taken illicitly by a lord should be given back Peasants did not want all property to be held in common; certain land needed to be private and run by lords ( and sell the land back to the peasants) Inheritance within family is to be respected People have the right to their land Second, Rebellion against lords was to seek that all Christians should be equal and all who oppose should be banished and executed. Peasants affirm inequality and seek it to change. No further oppression. Muntzer’s Sermon to the Princes Led one of the most democratic of peasant rebellion. Has a certain faith in democracy.
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