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setting most genres have typical locations that

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Unformatted text preview: aesthetics using old, often problematic footage Experimental Legacy: American Underground Cinema – Subgenres   Formal   Self ­reflexive   Satirical   Sexual Craig Baldwin’s Spectres of the Spectrum (B ­movies, commercials, educational movies, lab footage, corporate movies, kinescope films) I do not know what I am like, Bill Viola (formal and self ­reflexive) Bill Viola’s Reflecting Pool (formal) Hybrid Movies Fusion of two or more film types – documentary, experimental, narrative Mulholland Drive (pictured below ­ ­Lynch), & Borat Ant Farm’s Media Burn (satirical & critical of the media) Genre Categorization of narrative films by the stories they tell and ways they tell them   Classified by   Critics   Scholars   Studios/Producers/ Distributors   Audiences Genre Conventions   Theme – general field of meanings (fatalism, rugged individualism, etc.)   Setting – most genres have typical locations that carry a lot of meaning within the type   Icons – images or symbols that we see often in a given genre (horror – k...
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