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Antagonists others aliens computers robots etc

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Unformatted text preview: Science fiction   Narrative pleasure   Body Genres:   Horror (hair ­raising, screams)   Comedy (laughter)   Drama (crying)   Pornography (arousal)   Horror   Western   Musical “KHAAAAAAAAAN!” The Wrath of Khan, 1982 Defining Elements of the Genre: Gangster   Rags ­to ­riches ­to ­destruction theme   Urban setting   Questioning authority, institutions   Protagonist: antihero, outsider   Female characters: molls and mothers Cultural Significance: WW1, Prohibition, stock market crash lead to audience doubting: banks, government, law enforcement. These stories provided catharsis for that prevailing cultural attitude. 5 10/27/10 Defining Elements of the Genre: Film Noir   Fatalistic themes, cynical tones, emphasis on corruption and despair Defining Elements of the Genre: Science Fiction   Technology versus humanity theme   Urban setting ...
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