Capturing the friedmans documentary types propaganda

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Unformatted text preview: tary Types: Factual Films   Straightforward “look” and structure  ­ ­ meant to instruct and entertain without overtly influencing audiences Documentary Types: Persuasive Films   Presents a particular perspective on social issues or exposes corporate/ governmental injustice of any kind Kurt & Courtney, a film that is very persuasive in its claims about Courtney’s alleged role in Kurt’s death. Capturing the Friedmans Documentary Types: Propaganda Films   Systematically disseminate deceptive or distorted information Documentary Film Style: Direct ­Cinema   Viewer as “witness”   Usually involving social or political concerns   Handheld for immediacy   Filmmakers avoid conventional documentary techniques Leni Riefenstal’s Triumph of the Will. She worked for/with Hitler.   Interviews   Voice ­overs   Anything that reminds the viewer that someone is intervening in the telling of the story 2 10/27/10 Self ­Reflexive Documentaries (in any of the above styles) Cinema Verite   Like direct cinema: Like experimental films – more on that in a sec – self ­reflexive documentaries maintain awareness of how the process of culling data and arranging it into a narrative shapes the “reality” presented.   Social concerns   Avoids “shaping” co...
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