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Disruption something happens that creates a goal for

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Unformatted text preview: ss. This is a brief intro   The general pattern goes like this:   Exposition: Things are peaceful, we learn about the characters, setting, the general realm of the possible.   Disruption*: Something happens that creates a goal for the protagonist. This is a disruption to the equilibrium.   Rising action, AKA, cause ­effect logic.   Climax: Moment when the protagonist and antagonist battle it out.   Falling action: After the climax, as the narrative loose ends are resolved.   Denouement: Ending   Formal Closure: The final shot in a film.   Comedic, dramatic, terrifying – any film story can provides a simulated release of tension.   Sometimes this is a literal process and other times it is more abstract and symbolic. Three Major Movie Types   Narrative   Documentary   Experimental 1 10/27/10 Narrative Films Documentary   Tell a story   The recording of reality   Tend to be fictional, if sometimes “based on a true story”   Educating the viewer   Based on screenplays   Presentation of political or social analyses   Involve the technical demands of film production   Primary purpose is entertainment with commercial intent Herzog’s Grizzly Man Documen...
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