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The devils rejects 6 102710 dening elements of the

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Unformatted text preview: Speculative (often futuristic) setting   Hard ­boiled characters   Protagonists: Down ­to ­earth   Protagonist: antihero, outsider   Female characters: Femme fatales   Highly recognizable visual style   Cultural Significance: WW1, WW2, Great Depression, women working. These movies are more grim than gangster films. There is no leadership, no success and a greater sense of futility.   Antagonists: “Others” (aliens, computers, robots, etc.)   Cultural Significance: explorations of our dread of technology and change. Aliens are often code for the “other” that we fear in the real world. Defining Elements of the Genre: Horror   Themes of death and insanity   Setting: “normal world” or rural setting; often at ni...
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