The wrath of khan 1982 dening elements of the genre

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Unformatted text preview: nives, blood)   Presentation – the general look and feel of a genre (noir films are dark and have conflicted, tense composition)   Character types – typical characters (horror: naïve female camper)   Story formulas – typical story arrangements per genre   Stars – some stars, less so today, tend to work well within a given genre Gilda 4 10/27/10 Genre Study: Genre Cycles Experimental Stage, or “Transformation”   Experimental: elements form, creative   Classical: elements have been formed, formulaic   Self ­Reflective: turn inward, parody, self ­mockery (often accompanies period of decline)   Genres usually bounce back or move into a new “classical” phase Brokeback Mountain Genre and Audience   Anticipation, viewer foreknowledge Steel Magnolias, 1989 Six Major American Genres   Gangster   Expectations and predictability   Film noir   Repetition and variation  ...
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