Chapter 6,7 and 8

Chapter 6,7 and 8 - Chapter 6 Evidence Definitions Casual...

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Chapter 6- Evidence Definitions: Casual Evidence - That which is created without an effort being made to create it and is not designed for possible future reference. Conclusive Proof - Evidence that is incontrovertible, either because the law will not perit it to be contradicted or because it is strong and convincing enough to override all evidence to be contrary and to establish the proposition beyond reasonable doubt. Corroborative Proof - Strengthening or confirming eveidence of a different character in support of the same fact or proposition. Direct Evidence - That which tends to show the existence of a fact in question without the intervention of the proof of any other fact. Evidence - Consists of facts, opinions, and objects used to generate proof. Evidence aliunde - Evidence that explains or clarifies other evidence. Extrajudicial evidence - Evidence that is not admissible in court; such evidence may be used outside the court. Indispensable proof - Evidence without which a particular issue cannot be proved. Judicial Evidence - Evidence that is admissible in court. Judicial notice - Evidence introduced into argument without the necessity of substantiation; it si assumed to be so well known that it does not require substantiation. Negative Evidence - The absence of evidence that might reasonable be expected to be found were the issue in question true. Partial Proof - Used to establish a detached fact in a series of facts tending to support the issue in dispute. Prearranged Evidence - That which is created for the specific purpose of recording certain information for a possible future reference. Ex. Birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, marriage certificates, deeds to property, social security cards, insurance policies, receipts, canceled checks, contacts, military discharge papers, transcripts of college records and so on. Presumptive Evidence
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Chapter 6,7 and 8 - Chapter 6 Evidence Definitions Casual...

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