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Unformatted text preview: per pan (Poissonier?) Use `cuisson’ to make sauce Sauce made separately cooking liquid (Sauce Vin Blanc) (Sauce Béarnaise) Court Bouillon – (`Short Broth’) A highly aromatic liquid containing a strong acid such as vinegar, used to poach higly flavored fish Yield: 1 Gallon 5 qts. Water 8 fl. ozs. White wine vingar 12 ozs. Carrots, sliced 1 lb. Onions, sliced 1 sprig Thyme 3 ea. Bay leaves ½ tsp. Black peppercorns Method: Combine all ingredients, simmer 50 mins. – 1 hr. Strain. Court Bouillon Court Shallow Poaching Shallow Item partially submerged in a liquid Top of portion of item is cooked by steam Liquids often contain acid Flavorful liquids are used Lid is used to trap the steam Cooking liquid is used for the base of the Cooking sauce sauce Sauce Béarnaise • Sauce béarnaise is a hollandaise with the addition of a reduction of tarragon, peppercorns, shallots and white wine and tarragon vinegar. white • It is finished with chopped tarragon and chervil. • To hold béarnaise for service you keep it at 145 To degrees as it is a fragile sauce. • A ceramic crock which holds heat well or a thermos ceramic insulated container is good choice. • In most kitchens Baines are the only choice and you In will find the”sweet spot” of the kitchen where the temperature is a stable 145 degrees. temperature Questions???? Questions????...
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