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You do not have to worry about error checking struct

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Unformatted text preview: an x86 IA32 function that takes the nth field of the input struct and return it as a 4 ­byte integer. You do not have to worry about error checking struct charSeq { char a; char b; char c; char d; char e; } int getCharAsInt(struct charSeq *cs, int n); /* if n=0, return a, n=1, return b, …, n=4, return e. */ /* return as a full 4-byte integer. */ 3. A two ­input AND and a two ­input OR are both examples of two ­input logic functions. How many different two ­input logic functions are possible? Explain. 4. Give the truth table for the following transistor ­level circuit. 5. The transistor ­level circuit below implements the logic function Y = ~(A(B + C)). Label the inputs to all the transistors. (~ means NOT or INVERT.) 6. Fill in the truth table for the logical expression ~(~A + ~B), where ~ means NOT or INVERT. What single logic gate has the same truth table? 7. How many output lines will a 5 ­input decoder have? 8. How many select lines will a 16 ­input multiplexer have? 9. Give the minimal logic function to compute Z for the following truth table. A 0 0 0 0...
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