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You may use any of the basic gates decoders

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Unformatted text preview: ignals valC, valM, and vaIP depending on the instruction code and the branch flag. (Assume that Bch = 1 if a branch (jump) should be taken and 0 otherwise.) Draw the circuit diagram that implements “New PC”. You should give truth tables for any logic functions that you implement using gates. You may use any of the basic gates, decoders, multiplexors, and adders. You do not have to minimize your logic functions. (Recall that icode has 4 bits—you may call them A,B,C,D, and Bch has 1 bit. valC is an immediate value or address obtained from an instruction. valM is a value read from memory. vaIP is the incremented PC computed during the Fetch phase. You may treat each of valC, valM, and vaIP as a single signal.) 15. Build a 2 ­bit counter that increments by one every clock cycle. The counter...
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