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March 14, 2008 Mr. Brian Rider, Manager University Relations PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. One PNC Plaza 27 th Floor 249 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh PA, 15222 Dear Mr. Rider: Through the PNC and the Big East Career Fair websites, I found that your company has 130 internships this summer as opposed to 91 in 2007. With this increase in summer personnel, will you have an opening in your finance/accounting departments for a college student with a major in finance? In addition to taking required courses in finance as part of my major at the University of Pittsburgh, I have also taken accounting classes to fulfill requirements for a business degree. The training I have received in research, analysis, presentation, writing, and client contact roles, along with experience using Internet applications, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for research, data collection, retrieval and analysis, writing, and presentation-
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Unformatted text preview: focused projects would enable me to immediately become a productive member of your staff. My college training has been supplemented by previous jobs dealing with human relations. These positions have given me firsthand knowledge of communicating with clients of great importance as well as high ranking officials within the company. This experience should help me to contribute when consulting with clients and other company affiliates. After you have reviewed my enclosed résumé, I would appreciate having the opportunity to discuss with you why I believe I have the right qualifications and personality to serve you and your clients. I can be reached by phone after 5 p.m. daily, or a message can be left on my voicemail. Sincerely, Stephen R. Corello 902 Bridge Street Catasauqua, PA 18032 Phone: 610-442-9121 Email: [email protected] Enclosure...
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