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Goodwill Letter - I will be traveling for two months after...

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Dear Mr. Smith: Would you provide me with information regarding job openings and the application process at Smith Co. I'm a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration and will be graduating in April 2010. Specifically, I would like answers to the following three questions: 1. What job openings does Smith Co. have in the Finance department? In particular, I am looking for openings in the Assurance Department. 2. Does Smith Co. have these position openings in their Philadelphia office? I live in the greater Philadelphia area and I would like to stay in that area upon graduation. 3. When do the positions begin?
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Unformatted text preview: I will be traveling for two months after graduation and wish to start immediately upon my arrival back home. 4. When does the application process begin? 5. Where can I find an application for these positions, and when does Smith Co. stop accepting them? I would appreciate if you would email me with the information as soon as possible. I would also appreciate any links that you have to find out more information regarding Smith Co. and their openings and application process. Sincerely, Stephen R. Corello ([email protected] ) 902 Bridge Street Catasauqua, PA 18032 Phone: 610-442-9121...
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