4 12 points divers must be careful when ascending to

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Unformatted text preview: out of solution and forming bubbles in the blood. Henry's Law states: P kH c , where P is the partial pressure of a gas (atm), c is its concentration in solution (mol/L), and kH is a proportionality constant specific to the gas and solution (L*atm/mol). At sea level and PN2=0.79, the concentration of N2 in blood is about 5 x 10^-4 mol/L. For this problem, assume the concentration of nitrogen in a diver's blood reaches equilibrium 99 ft below the surface, and she is using a gas mixture with 79% N2. She has 5 liters of blood and swims very quickly to the surface. How much nitrogen, measured in liters, comes out of solution in her blood? Ignore nitrogen dissolved in fat and other tissue. (hint: remember the ideal gas law?) kH P / c 0.79 / (5*104 ) kH 1580 Latm mol atm c99 3.16 atm / 1580 Lmol c99 0.002mol/L It's also easy to not...
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