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Bronzino and susan m blanchard a amount of inert gas

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Unformatted text preview: 27*(2+TLC) TLC = 5.4 Liters 7. (10 points) Smoking causes bronchoconstriction, a narrowing of the airways. Why does this lead to more work for the inspiratory muscles? Please name the major inspiratory muscle and what happens when you "get the wind knocked out of you." a. Airway resistance is related to the radius of the airways. According to Poiseuille's Law, it is proportional to 1/r4, so even a small decrease in airway size can lead to noticeable difficulty breathing. b. Diaphragm. An impact on the chest or back can cause a sudden increase in pressure across the diaphragm. This stretching temporarily paralyzes it. Because the diaphragm causes most of the inspiratory volume change, it is difficult to breathe until the diaphragm recovers. 8. (12 points) A person is breathing at a rate of 12 breaths/min and h...
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