Carbohydrates present on leukocyte surface proteins

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Unformatted text preview: I. Dendritic Cells Descriptions: a. Antigen- presenting cells F, H, I b. c. d. e. Involved in allergic reactions A,B, C, F, H Granulocytes A, B, C, D Precursor of macrophages E Can kill the cells they are attacking A, G (question was asking for cytotoxic cells, but phagocytic cells are ok too) f. Most abundant type of white blood cells in the blood D g. Responsible for acquired immune response G, H 5. What are selectins? Selectins are cell adhesion molecules What are the ligands for selectins? Carbohydrates present on leukocyte surface proteins Which cells express selectins during inflammation? Endothelial cells (also T lymphocytes) Why are t...
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