What type of white blood cells produce antibodies b

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Unformatted text preview: hese molecules important in inflammation? During inflammation, endothelial cells of blood vessels close to injury site overexpress selectins (specifically E selectin). Leukocytes in the blood bind to the selectins on the blood vessels, and “roll” on the internal surface of the blood vessels. Eventually the leukocytes extravasate through the blood vessel wall, between the endothelial cells. *Note: We talked about E- selectins, specifically, in class, but there are other selectins. 6. What are the functions or roles of an inflammatory response? Attracting immune cells to the infection site Producing a physical barrier to retard the spread of infection Promoting tissue repair 7. What type of white blood cells produce antibodies? B cells Draw a IgG and label the following: (do not copy and paste picture file) Heavy chain Light chain Fc...
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