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By antigens instead they become powerful suppressor

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Unformatted text preview: ecome powerful suppressor cells that inhibit other self-reactive T cells that recognize antigens on the same tissue same Psoriasis Psoriasis Traditional treatment Traditional Anti-inflammatory medications such as Anti-inflammatory acetaminophen or ibuprofen acetaminophen Immunosuppressive drugs to dampen the Immunosuppressive activity of the immune system activity Emerging treatment Molecular targeted Gene therapy Vaccination Case Study: Case Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Symptoms Affects 250,000 Americans, two Affects thirds are women thirds Tingling and pain in legs and Tingling arms arms Double vision Poor balance Multiple sclerosis can be Multiple diagnosed by MRI diagnosed The cause The Immune system causes the demyelination Immune of neurons in the white matter of the brain of Macrophages directly attack the myelin and present Macrophages directly fragments of the protein to helper T cells fragments Helper T cells activate B lymphocytes which produce Helper antibodies that destroy (oligodendroglial) cells which repair myelin which Demyelinization Demyelinization Macrophages attacking the myelin Demyelination Repair of myelin by new oligodendroglial cells MS mechanism MS Mechanism and and Possible Therapeutic Possible Approaches Approaches Brain macrophages The entry is mediated by the release of enzymes (e.g., type IV collagenolytic metalloprotease). Emergin...
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