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G type iv collagenolytic metalloprotease emerging

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Unformatted text preview: g treatment Emerging Beta-interferon blocks expression of MHC molecules Beta-interferon which are involved in presentation of self-antigens (myelin) to T cells. FDA approved. (myelin) Direct blocking of the MHC molecules that present selfantigens using molecules with high affinity to the MHC antigens binding site. binding Monoclonal antibodies that bind to tumor necrosis factor Monoclonal and clear this cytokine from circulation. A single dose can suppress the autoimmune response for 5 to 10 weeks. weeks. Blocking of T cell interactions, for example, with endothelial cell receptors. endothelial Vaccinate individuals against their own self-reactive T Vaccinate cells. cells. Case Study: Case Lupus Lupus Lupus Afflicts an estimated 1.4 million Americans May disrupt almost any part of the body: May skin, joints, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels and brain. vessels The immune system produces autoantibodies to a surprising variety of antibodies molecules ranging from cellular surface targets to targets inside cells and even to DNA. DNA. Classic Symptoms Classic A rash, often butterflyshaped, over the cheeks Reaction to sunlight in Reaction which a skin rash arises or worsens or Kidney disorder Presence of antinuclear Presence autoantibodies autoantibodies The cause The Production of large amounts of very Production diverse self attacking antibodies diverse The auto-antibodies recognize selfantigens and generate immune complexes antigens The immune complexes can recruit The complement molecules, which can harm tissue tissue The complexes also elicit an inflammatory The response response Where are the auto-antibodies coming from? coming Patients with lupus have excessive rate of Patients apoptosis in c...
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