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Autoimmune response 2 economical burden 3 tumor cells

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Unformatted text preview: en 3. Tumor cells mutation to avoid the Tumor immune attack immune Tumor Tactics to Avoid Immune Attack Attack Altering their characteristics Immunoselection – variants of tumor cells without the Immunoselection antigens that were used to “teach” immune cells “teach” Suppressing the immune response Immunosupression can be caused by tumor cell Immunosupression products products Hiding from the immune response Dense tumor stroma can provide shielding effect Outpacing the immune response Growing fast Adaptive Immunotherapy Adaptive Isolation of T cells Activation of the T cells in vitro Activation in Re-injection back to the same patient Application: treating viral infections and Application: tumors in patients with immune systems that are weakened by disease and therapy that Interactions between tumor cells and CTLs and Left panels: tumor cells displaying novel peptides (e.g. tumor antigens) to activated CTLs will killed by CTLs Middle panels: cells lacking MHC I complexes will be resistant to CTLs, but will be attacked by NK cells Right panels: if cells that initially lacking MHC I expression are transfected with MHC gene than they will become sensitive to CTLs....
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