PHI101Unit3 - • Human& Machine limits • Abstract...

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PHI 101 Unit 3 IN CLASS ACTIVITY What is Science? Science is the physical study of things around you, answering questions like How, What, and Where did it come from with Physical evidence. What are the limitations of Science? Science is limited to what we can physically observe. Qualities Of Object Solid, Blue/Black, Soft, Light, Durable, non-perishable Science: Physical Proof Knowledge of World Explanation of things we don’t understand (discovery) Natural vs. Social Science Disproving Theory/hypothesis Limitations of Science No Faith, All Fact
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Unformatted text preview: • Human & Machine limits • Abstract, intangible CUT FIXATION OF BELIEF FROM SYLABUS READY MEDITATION 1 Meno’s Paradox • Teachers give student knowledge 1. Student Already Knows Teacher doesn’t give any knowledge 2. Student doesn’t know Can’t be sure teachers knows • Teachers can’t provide knowledge • Teaching is impossible Descartes • “Method of Systematic Doubt” • Descartes vs. “Devil’s Advocate” • The “Evil Genius” “School Men” – Scholastics...
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PHI101Unit3 - • Human& Machine limits • Abstract...

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