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Monday March 3, 2008 HOU- MW 11am Notes: 1) Gas Molecules: molecules in a gas also produces quantisized emission and absorption lines; instead of the energy causing transitions of electrons, it rotates or vibrates the 2) When they vibrate kinetictly, the ways they vibrate is quantisized, meaning that they have certain energy or specific amounts. Molecules will also give distinct lines. 3) Continuous Spectrum: 4) You now understand that the atoms and molecules in gases absorb and emit energy to us absorption and emissions spectra. 5) Gases Vs Dense Objects a) In a cloud of gas, individual atoms or molecules are independent. 6) Whatever doesn’t get reflected get absorbed. You are adding energy to the solid that is not being reflected towards. Explains why you feel hot under the sun. Enegry tends to get trapped in the solid, since they are densely packed. This also refers to objects densely packed. i) This is Referred to as Thermal Radiation Heat 7) Energy is absorbed by a solid object a) Because the bouncing of photons are related to the motion of the molecules, the major amount of energy given off is directly related to temperature. b) Higher temperature, the majority is released is infrared range. For example, the black shirt will be giving more infrared energy. c) Solid is related closely to temperature since they are densely packed. 8) Temperature from Color Peak: a. Any object above 0K will give an EM waves in a continuous spectrum b. The hotter an object is the more total energy it gives off an the higher the energy of the peak emissions: cold object -> mostly radio waves c. cool object ->Infrared d. Hot- Radio Waves 9) Temperature From Color Peak: a) Green plants absorb all types of wavelengths. b) Hot Stars have peaks in ultraviolet, seen as blue since it’s the peak visible light. c) Two Rules: You give off more of everything, but peaks end up being for shorter and shorter wavelength. d) Example: 7000k gives more, and give off blue peak. 10) Star Temperature From Color: a) The Doppler Shift i) Once waves have been generated their motion is independent of the source ii) To the observer standing in front of the approaching source, the wave crest appears to be bunched up. (1) Note: Example Talking from front of room, takes longer to get to the people in the back of the room. The waves gets bunched up, as they move towards the person since its taking a shorter time to reach you. (2) Another example: siren. Higher pitch towards you, slower pitch away from you. Towards you, shorter wavelength. Away from you, longer wavelength. It also
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works with light since light is a wave. (3) Perceived change in wavelength, it is not an actual change in wavelength- distance between crests. Originally they are going at the same wavelength. (4) The Doppler Shift Effect: Only occurs if the object occurs relative to you.
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Class Notes, HOU - Monday March 3 2008 HOU MW 11am Notes 1...

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