SCB-68 Connector Block

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Unformatted text preview: IOB1 DIOB2 GND DIOB3 RGND DIOB4 GND DIOB5 DIOB6 GND DIOB7 RGND PIN# 1 35 2 36 3 37 4 38 5 39 6 40 7 41 8 42 9 43 10 44 11 45 SIGNAL +5V RGND REQ1 GND ACK1 (STARTTRIG1) GND STOPTRIG1 DPULL PCLK1 GND PCLK2 CPULL STOPTRIG2 GND ACK2 (STARTTRIG2) GND REQ2 RGND DIOA0 DIOA1 GND DIOA2 Figure B-6. NI 653X Devices National Instruments Corporation B-7 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Chapter B Quick Reference Labels SCB-68 Quick Reference Label NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS NI 7811R/7831R DEVICES PIN# MIO DIO DIO39 DIO38 DIO37 DIO36 DIO35 DIO34 DIO33 DIO32 DIO31 DIO30 DIO29 DIO28 DIO27 +5V DIO26 +5V DIO25 DGND DIO24 DGND DIO23 DGND DIO22 DGND PIN# MIO DIO DGND DIO11 DGND DIO12 DGND DIO13 DGND DIO14 DGND DIO15 DGND DIO16 DGND DIO17 DGND DIO18 DGND DIO19 DGND DIO20 DGND DIO21 1 68 AI0+ 34 AI067 AIGND0 33 AIGND1 66 AI1+ 32 AI165 AI2+ 31 AI264 AIGND2 30 AIGND3 63 AI3+ 29 AI362 AI4+ 28 AI41 THE MIO COLUMN CORRESPONDS TO THE MIO CONNECTOR ON THE NI 7831R, AND THE DIO COLUMN CORRESPONDS TO THE DIO CONNECTORS ON THE NI 7811R / 7831R. NC = No Connect PIN# 1 MIO +5V DIO DGND DIO0 DGND DIO1 DGND DIO2 DGND DIO3 DGND DIO4 DGND DIO5 DGND DIO6 DGND DIO7 DGND DIO8 DGND DIO9 DGND DIO10 12 DIO12 46 DIO13 13 DIO14 47 DIO15 14 AOGND7 48 AO7 15 AOGND6 49 AO6 16 AOGND5 50 AO5 17 AOGND4 51 AO4 18 AOGND3 52 AO3 19 AOGND2 53 AO2 20 AOGND0 54 AO1 21 AOGND0 55 AO0 22 NC 56 AISENSE 35 +5V 2 DGND 36 DIO0 3 DGND 37 DIO1 4 DGND 38 DIO2 5 DGND 39 DIO3 6 DGND 40 DIO4 7 DGND 61 AIGND4 27 AIGND5 60 AI5+ 26 AI559 AI6+ 25 AI658 AIGND6 24 AIGND7 41 DIO5 8 DGND 42 DIO6 9 DGND SET SWITCHES IN THIS CONFIGURATION TO USE THE SCB-68 WITH THE NI 7811R/7831R S1 S2 S5 S4 S3 43 DIO7 10 DIO8 44 DIO9 11 DIO10 45 DIO11 57 AI7+ 23 AI7- Figure B-7. NI 7811R/7831R Devices SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual B-8 Fuse and Power C One of the +5 V lines from the DAQ device (pin 8) is protected by an 800 mA fuse. Pin 14 is also +5 V, but it is not fuse-protected on the SCB-68. Shorting pin 14 to ground blows the fuse, which is usually socketed. If the SBC-68 does not work when you turn on the DAQ device, first check the switch settings, then check both the 800 mA fuse on the SCB-68 and the output fuse (if any) on the DAQ device. Before replacing any fuses, check for short circuits from power to ground. A 470 series resistor (R21) filters the +5 V power on the SCB-68. As the filtered +5 V is loaded, the voltage decreases. Pad R20 is in parallel with R21, and you can install a resistor if needed. Shorting R20 bypasses the filter while capacitively coupling DGND and AGND, and this configuration is not recommended. Caution NI is not liable for any device damage or personal injury resulting from improper use of the SCB-68 and the DAQ device. Refer to Figure 2-1, SCB-68 Printed Circuit Diagram, to locate the fuse and other components on the SCB-68. A suitable replacement fuse for the SCB-68 is made by Littelfuse and has part number 235 800. National Instruments Corporation C-1 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual SCB-68 Circuit Diagrams D R20 (Optional) R21 +5 V C4 C6 (10 F) (0.1 F) AI AI This appendix contains illustrations of circuit diagrams for the SCB-68. +5V Screw Terminal ACC Not Powered (NC) S1 ACC Powered DGND Screw Terminal Non-MIO (NC) S2 MIO Non-MIO (NC) S3 MIO AI XF1 (Clip) 800 mA 5x20 mm +5V (I/O Pin 8) DGND (I/O Pin 7) C1 C2 (10 F) (0.1 F) AIGND (I/O Pin 56) AIGND Screw Terminal Figure D-1. +5 V Power Supply National Instruments Corporation D-1 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Chapter D SCB-68 Circuit Diagrams +5V R22 R4 CJC Not Used RC12 + AIGND User Configurable +5V ACH0 (I/O Pin 68) S5 CJC Used R38 AI C5 (1 F) ACH0 Screw Terminal Q1 C3 (0.1 F) +5V AI R23 R5 ACH8 Screw Terminal ACH8 (I/O Pin 34) RSE CJC or Non-MIO S4 DIFF CJC + RC13 AI AIGND User Configurable Figure D-2. Cold-Junction Compensation Circuitry R1 PFI0/TRIG1 Screw Terminal RC1 DGND (I/O Pin 44) DGND Screw Terminal PFI0/TRIG1 (I/O Pin 11) Figure D-3. Digital Trigger Circuitry SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual D-2 Chapter D SCB-68 Circuit Diagrams DAC0OUT (I/O Pin 22) AOGND (I/O Pin 55) DAC1OUT (I/O Pin 21) AOGND (I/O Pin 54) R3 DAC0OUT Screw Terminal RC3 AOGND Screw Terminal R2 DAC1OUT Screw Terminal RC2 AOGND Screw Terminal Figure D-4. Analog Output Circuitry National Instruments Corporation D-3 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Soldering and Desoldering on the SCB-68 E Some applications discussed here require you to make modifications to the SCB-68, usually in the form of adding components to the printed circuit device. To solder and desolder components on the SCB-68, refer to Figure 2-1, SCB-68 Printed Circuit Diagram, and to Figure E-1, and complete the following steps to remove the SCB-68 from its box. 1 2 3 9 10 4 5 6 8 7 1 2 3 Quick Reference Label Cover 68-Pin Connector Screws 4 5 6 7 Lock Washers 8 Strain-Relief Bars Shielding Screws 9 Strain-Relief Screws 68-Pin I/O Connector 10 Circuit Card Assembly Base Figure E-1. SCB-68 Parts Locator Diagram Note If the kit is missing any of the components in Figure E-1, contact NI by selecting Contact NI at National Instruments Corporation E-1 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Chapter...
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