SCB-68 Connector Block

Functions to decrease the amplitude of a signal

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Unformatted text preview: t signal analog channel 1 output signal data acquisition--a system that uses the computer to collect, receive, and generate electrical signals decibel--the unit for expressing a logarithmic measure of the ratio of two signal levels: dB=20log10 V1/V2, for signals in volts direct current digital ground signal differential mode digital input/output direct memory access--a method by which data can be transferred to/from computer memory from/to a device or memory on the bus while the processor does something else; DMA is the fastest method of transferring data to/from computer memory Declaration of Conformity DAC0OUT DAC1OUT DAQ dB DC DGND DIFF DIO DMA DoC National Instruments Corporation G-3 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Glossary E EXTREF EXTSTROBE EXTTRIG external reference signal external strobe signal external trigger signal F FREQ_OUT ft frequency output signal feet G gain GATE GPCTR GPCTR0_GATE GPCTR1_GATE GPCTR0_OUT GPCTR1_OUT GPCTR0_SOURCE GPCTR1_SOURCE grms the factor by which a signal is amplified, often expressed in dB gate signal general purpose counter general purpose counter 0 gate signal general purpose counter 1 gate signal general purpose counter 0 output signal general purpose counter 1 output signal general purpose counter 0 clock source signal general purpose counter 1 clock source signal level of random vibration H Hz hertz SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual G-4 Glossary I I/O input/output--the transfer of data to/from a computer system involving communications channels, operator interface devices, and/or data acquisition and control interfaces current, output high current, output low IOH IOL L lowpass filter LSB a filter that passes low frequencies least significant bit M m MB MIO meter megabytes of memory multifunction I/O N NC NI-DAQ noise normally closed, or not connected NI driver software for DAQ hardware an undesirable electrical signal--noise comes from external sources such as the AC power line, motors, generators, transformers, fluorescent lights, CRT displays, computers, electrical storms, welders, radio transmitters, and internal sources such as semiconductors, resistors, and capacitors. Noise corrupts signals you are trying to send or receive. nonreferenced single-ended mode--all measurements are made with respect to a common (NRSE) measurement system reference, but the voltage at this reference can vary with respect to the measurement system ground NRSE National Instruments Corporation G-5 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Glossary Nyquist frequency a frequency that is half of the sampling frequency O OUT output pin--a counter output pin where the counter can generate various TTL pulse waveforms P PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect--a high-performance expansion bus architecture originally developed by Intel to replace ISA and EISA. It is achieving widespread acceptance as a standard for PCs and work-stations; it offers a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 132 MB/s. Programmable Function Input PFI0/trigger 1 PFI1/trigger 2 PFI2/convert PFI3/general purpose counter 1 source PFI4/general purpose counter 1 gate PFI5/update PFI6/waveform trigger PFI7/start of scan PFI8/general purpose counter 0 source PFI9/general purpose counter 0 gate Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier (1) a communications connection on a computer or a remote controller (2) a digital port, consisting of four or eight lines of digital input and/or output PFI PFI0/TRIG1 PFI1/TRIG2 PFI2/CONVERT* PFI3/GPCTR1_ SOURCE PFI4/GPCTR1_GATE PFI5/UPDATE* PFI6/WFTRIG PFI7/STARTSCAN PFI8/GPCTR0_ SOURCE PFI9/GPCTR0_GATE PGIA port SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual G-6 Glossary PXI PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation--an open specification that builds off the CompactPCI specification by adding instrumentation-specific features R range RC filter resolution RH rms RSE the maximum and minimum parameters between which a device operates with a specified set of characteristics resistor-capacitor filter the smallest signal increment that can be detected by a measurement system; is expressed in bits, proportions, or percent of full scale relative humidity root mean square referenced single-ended mode--all measurements are made with respect to a common reference measurement system or a ground; also called a grounded measurement system S s S SCANCLK SCSI SE settling time signal conditioning SOURCE STARTSCAN seconds samples scan clock signal small computer system interface single-ended--a term used to describe an analog input that is measured with respect to a common ground the amount of time required for a voltage to reach its final value within specified limits the manipulation of signals to prepare them for digitizing source signal start scan signal National Instruments Corporation G-7 SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual Glossary T thermocouple TRIG TTL a temperature sensor created by joining two dissimilar metals; the junction produces a small voltage as a function of the temperature trigger signal transistor-transistor logic U unipolar UPDATE a signal range that is always positive (for example, 0 to +10 V) update signal V V VDC Vin Vm Vout Vrms volts volts direct current volts in measured voltage volts out volts, root mean square W waveform WFTRIG multiple voltage readings taken at a specific sampling rate waveform generation trigger signal SCB-68 Shielded Connector Block User Manual G-8 Index Numbers +5 V signal fuse and power considerations...
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