review2 - 1.Describe Syphilis The infection is associated...

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1.Describe Syphilis. The infection is associated with develop localized destructive tissue called GUMMAZ.  *2. What is the function of the scrotum? Enclose and regulate temperature of the testes; testes are held here. *3. Which conditions may lead to infertility in males? Cryptochidism, tight jeans and prolonged fever *4. In males with hypospadias, where is the termination of the urethra? Ventral surface of the penis. Congenital disorder of the penis resulting from embryologic defects in the development at the urethral groove and penile urethra . *5. What is the function of the seminal vesicles? is to secretes fluid for the semen?, and 60% of spermatozol is created in there. *6. At what age does Gonadotrophin-stimulated production of testosterone begin? 10 ? 12 yrs *7. Where are mature sperm normally stored?  vas deferens ?*8. Name the structure that produces testerone.  Cells of Leydig. *9. Which part of the nervous system controls erection? Parasympathetic (exists at the ventral surface of the penis) 10. List the actions of testosterone. Is responsible for differentiation of male Gentile track in the featal development. Pro motion of  musculoskeletal growth.
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. A hormone produced by the testes, responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics and functioning of the male reproductive organs. . It stimulates blood flow, growth in certain tissues, and the secondary sexual characteristics. In men with prostate cancer, it can also encourage growth of the tumor. 11. Describe the conditions surrounding a cystocele. Frequency and urgency urination difficulty emptying the bladder and complains of sencsation of bearing  down discomfort.   . Herniation of the bladder into the vagina A hernia of the bladder into the vagina. It is usually caused when the vaginal muscles that support the bladder and urethra are stretched or damaged. Urine can pool in the sac that protrudes and bacteria can grow. Women with cystoceles may have repeated bladder infections. 12. What happens during a uterine prolapse?
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review2 - 1.Describe Syphilis The infection is associated...

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