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Unformatted text preview: ISYS 464, Section 1, Spring, 2012 (Beckman) Homework #2: Description Due: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, start of class Chapter 3, textbook page 144, Problems and Exercises, #9. (10 points) 3. A bank has three types of accounts: checking, savings, and loan. Following are the attributes for each type of account: CHECKING: Acct No, Date Opened, Balance, Service Charge SAVINGS: Acct No, Date Opened, Balance, Interest Rate LOAN: Acct No, Date Opened, Balance, Interest Rate, Payment Assume that each bank account must be a member of exactly one of these subtypes. Using generalization, develop an EER model segment to represent this situation using the traditional EER notation. Remember to include a subtype discriminator. Chapter 4, textbook page 195, Problems and Exercises, #4a. (10 points) 1. For your answers to the following Problems and Exercises from prior chapters, transform the EER diagrams into a set of relational schemas, diagram the functional dependencies, and convert all the relations to third normal form: a. Chapter 2, Problems and Exercises 15b (page 104) Note from Beckman: The ER diagram referred to looks like: ...
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