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WS 105 - WS 105 (01) Nikki McGary Spring 08 Group Project...

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WS 105 (01) Nikki McGary Spring 08 Group Project Assignment Group Project/Presentation: In groups of 4-5, you will prepare and perform a 15-20 minute presentation about your chosen topic. You must provide one short article from a magazine or newspaper related to your topic for the class to read PRIOR to your presentation, and a handout or PowerPoint presentation for the class DURING your presentation (or a big poster board so everybody can see). As a group, you must turn in a 5-7 page research paper (which is the basis for your presentation), and a works cited. You will also fill out evaluations for your classmates when you are in the audience, which counts toward your assignment grade. In this assignment, we are using a feminist perspective and placing issues of gender at the forefront. The purpose of this assignment is to improve skills in feminist research and teamwork, and to learn about something that excites you! TIMELINE AND DETAILS: M 3/24: Final Statement of Purpose Due (5 points) . In one paragraph, write your specific research questions. Also, tell me who will work on each aspect of the project. F 4/4: Final Copy of Works Cited Due (5 points) . Turn in a copy of the 4-5 sources that you are going to use, including the magazine or newspaper article that is the assigned reading for the
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WS 105 - WS 105 (01) Nikki McGary Spring 08 Group Project...

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