lect 22 - Lecture 22 Reading: Topic: Biol 002 3-19-07...

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Lecture 22 Biol 002 3-19-07 Reading: Chapter 18: 362-373 Topic: Regulation of transcription I. Overview (362-363) Most regulation of gene expression is at the initiation of transcription Works by controlling access to promoter or how well transcription can start at the promoter This control is carried out by proteins that bind to DNA These proteins recognize specific DNA sequences and bind to them Therefore two things are needed for transcriptional control: 1) control protein 2) control site (sequence) on DNA 2 functional types of control proteins: repressors and activators Repressors impede transcription. How? Activators stimulate initiation of transcription. How? Induction signal cause transcription to increase By repressors-inactivate repressor By activator- activate repressor As you read further, note where in the DNA sequence particular repressors and activators bind How do these proteins recognize specific nucleotide sequences on DNA? (363) Figure 18.2 shows the unique distribution of atomic (electronic) signatures in each base pair.
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lect 22 - Lecture 22 Reading: Topic: Biol 002 3-19-07...

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