Spring 2012ARH493007E4History of Abstraction

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Unformatted text preview: ion and Bibliography 10% Final Group Wiki Grade Tsai: Syllabus for Abstraction 2012 3 Provisional Schedule of Lectures Jan 10/ W1 T: Introduction Th: Nocturne or Abstraction's Dilemma Jan 17/ W2 T: Library Introduction Final Group Wiki assignments and timeline distributed NB: Do pay attention to this presentation because it will introduce you to a number of resources that will be important for your final project. Th: Required attendance to Tue Greenfort's lecture in lieu of class 6pm at the Harn Museum of Art Jan 24/ W3 The Sensing Body T: Realism and Abstraction Th: Impressionism Jan 31/ W4 The Emergence of Cubism T: Picasso or the End of the 19th Century Th: Cubism Jan 31/ W5 Cubism and its Discontents T: Futurism Th: 0.10 Exhibition Feb 7 / W6 Constructivism T: OBMOKhU Exhibition Th: Constructivism and its legacy Feb 14 / W7 International Constructivism T: International Constructivism Th: Required attendance to Caroline Jones' lecture on Hans Haake in lieu of class 6pm at the Harn Museum of Art Feb 21/ W8 Abstract Photography T: Here Comes the New Photographer Th: New Vision Feb 28/ W9 Surrealist Abstraction T: The Photographic Condition of Surrealism Th: Mid-Term MARCH 6 SPRING BREAK Mar 13/W10 Abstract Expressionism or Action Painting Tsai: Syllabus for Abstraction 2012 4 T: Jackson Pollock Th: Greenberg and Rosenberg Mar 20/W11 Abstract Expressionism in Europe T: Germany Th: Simon Hanta Mar 27/ W12 Color Field Painting T: Frankenthaler, Nolan, Louis Th: Three American Painters Apr 3/W13 Minimalism T: Modernist Painting Th: Donald Judd and Tony Smith Apr 10/W14 Art and Objecthood T: Art and Objecthood Th: Robert Smithson Apr 17/W15 Post Minimal Responses M: Gordon Matta-Clark W: The Body Returned and Transformed Apr 24/W16 Realism and Abstraction Revisited Final Group Projects are due on May 1 Tsai: Syllabus for Abstraction 2012 5...
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