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Spring 2012ARH493007E4History of Abstraction

It is imperative that you study these on a weekly

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Unformatted text preview: ase notify me of any anticipated absences by email and clear them with me well in advance. More than two unexcused absences will automatically lead to a reduction to your overall grade. Deadlines and Making-Up Missed Materials If your unexcused absence falls on a day when we have a pop quiz, you automatically will be given a 0 for that quiz. Make-up quizzes will only be given to those with excused absences and is not possible for those with an unexcused absence. Extensions to deadlines will not be given except under exceptional circumstances. Each day late for any assignment will result in a lowered 1/3 letter grade for that assignment (A to A- for example). Tsai: Syllabus for Abstraction 2012 2 Demeanor Policy It is imperative that you arrive each week having read each assigned text carefully. Your active participation in the class is expected and constitutes part of your grade. Much of your work will be done in collaboration with others. Students are expected to treat one another with respect and your assessment of one another's work should be shared in a collegial and productive manner. Disa...
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