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Spring 2012ARH493007E4History of Abstraction

Objectives of this course this course expects

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Unformatted text preview: te in historically and formally grounded ways about abstract art. Tsai: Syllabus for Abstraction 2012 1 Course Components and Requirements: 1. Readings: Readings will be distributed exclusively as links to be sent to your officially registered UFL email address each Thursday evening for following week. They will be in .pdf format. The readings will be drawn from several sources. Some of the readings will be taken from artists' writings, contemporary reviews, as well as more recent scholarly texts. Please think about what kind of text you're reading what is its aim, when was it written, by whom? You have the internet now. If you come across a term, a person, or an artwork you have not yet encountered in your readings, look it up. 2. Reading Responses: You are required, as a part of your grade, to submit reading responses on Sunday night at 11:59pm each week in the discussion section of Sakai, which can be accessed at lss.at.ufl.edu. These reading responses should be no longer than a few sentences, 150 words maximum. They are intended to 1. Gauge the fact that you have engaged with the readings; 2. Give you the opportunity to pose questions or com...
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