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Spring 2012ARH493007E4History of Abstraction

Out of these historical conditions artists articulated

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Unformatted text preview: realism and impressionism, artists attempted to instantiate reality, to make fully present conditions of seeing, of sensing, and of being in the modern world. This mode of engagement sought to make artistic activity continuous with everyday life. This conceit underpins a number of twentieth century projects, many of which are infused with a sense of political urgency. This course examines a number of case studies looking at ways in which artists engage the relationship between art and reality, and specifically why abstraction serves as a privileged vehicle for the exploration of this relationship in artistic projects like cubism, constructivism or minimalism? Put differently, how does abstraction articulate for these artists a reality more forcefully than mimetic naturalism? Objectives of this course: This course expects students to become familiar both with artworks discussed in class as well as the texts introduced. You are responsible for knowing artists and dates as well as the contexts material, theoretical, and historical out of which specific works arise. The course seeks to help students develop the critical language to wri...
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