Spring 2012ARH493007E4History of Abstraction

You have the internet now if you come across a term

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Unformatted text preview: ments you might have about the ideas raised. These responses are graded on a check/minus system. Each missed response will lead to a proportional lowering of the reading response aspect of the final grade. 3. Slide Identification Pop Quizzes: Each week on Thursday night with next week's readings, a .pdf of selected slides you are expected to know from the past week's class will also be sent to you. It is imperative that you study these on a weekly basis. The slide ID quiz will ask you to identify 3 slides. You will be asked to provide the name of the artist, title and date of each slide as well as a brief description of its significance. 4. Final Group Project: You will be participating in a group project to which you will contribute your own individual motivated description, bibliography, and participate in the production of a group wiki. Details will be provided in a separate document in the second week of class. Attendance Policy Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and will be taken on a regular basis. Exams and quizzes are drawn as much from materials in the readings as they are from the lectures and our discussions. Ple...
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