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Reading: Chapter 13: 241-252 Topic: What did Mendel discover about heredity? I. The terminology of genetics, part 1 Learn these terms and be able to use them: Character-feature that is inherited…quality (Flower color) Trait-specific variants of character (purple, white) True-breeding” variety Cross-mating Hybrids-2 diff parents and 2 diff traits Monohybrid cross-one character is involved P generation-purple true, white true F1 generation-filial F1xF1 F2 F2 generation (second filial generation or grandchildren) F3: F2 X F2 (usually a self cross with peas) II. Mendel (p. 242-245) One of the greatest (and most innovative) experimentalist-theoreticians of all time What would you say were the key aspects of his experimental approach and his choice of organism? Note how his work differed from the work that preceded him In particular note that it was quantitative (and mathematically sophisticated) III. Mendel = s A law @ of segregation (246-252) How did Mendel choose his characters and traits? What are
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